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Hinton CATV Co. X-Stream TV

Hinton CATV Co - Your Local Cable TV Provider                                                         

People that you know, trust and can talk to about all your Cable TV need                              

> We Offer Advanced IPTV DVR Set-Top Boxes with High Definition

> High Definition Offered FREE of Charge!                                                                                                   Coverage Map


> Life Line Basic, Basic and Expanded Basic Packages Available                                         

> No Contracts Ever!

> Best Value for your dollar compared to small dish companies

> Never a fee for maintenance or someone you can talk to

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X-STREAM TV Bundle Pricing and Packaages

LIFE LINE BASIC - $39.99                                                              MAX MULTIPLEX - $12.49

>50 Channels Programming                                                       >19 Cinemax Movie Channels

>Includes 8 HD Channels                                                            >Includes 8 HD Cinemax Movie Channels

>Includes Residential Telephone Service

>Includes PPV Events Channel                                                    HBO MULTIPLEX - $ 16.75

                                                                                                            > 18 HBO Movie Channel

BASIC - $89.99                                                                                > Includes 7 HD HBO Movie Channel

>Includes Life Line Basic Plus 47 Additional Channels         > Includes HBO HD Spanish Channel

>Includes Residential Telephone Service

>Includes High Speed Internet Service                                        STARZ MULTIPLEX - $12.75

>Includes Wireless Home Networking for Internet Access     >27 Starz and Encore Movie Channels

                                                                                                             > Includes 7 HD Movie Channels

EXPANDED BASIC - add $12.99

>Includes 100 Plus Additional Channels                                      SHOWTIME UNLIMITED - $ 13.49

>50 Free HD Channels are in this package.                               > 23 Showtime Movie Channels 

                                                                                                              > Includes 6 HD Movie Channels


>Includes 8 Highly Viewed Spanish Channels.                               Deposit per Set Top Box: $25.00

OVER THE TOP (OTT) Internet Content Package - $3.49              Additional Outlets: $1.00

>Includes Cloud TV (You Tube, Meta Channels and Picasa)        Additional Set Top Box (High Definition): $4.99

>Includes Vudu Apps.  (VUDU VOD Movies, Facebook, Twitter     Additional Set Top Box w/ DVR and HD: $9.99

and Many Other Streaming Internet Channels). All On Your TV


>Includes On Your TV Screen Instant Caller ID Information.

>Includes a History of Caller ID Information For Your Review.

* Additional costs may be required for optical, audio or specialty cables. Service technician will determine during install if any are needed.

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